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  • Kenia

    Kenia is one of the children who has a sponsor through Keza. She enjoys school and would also like to become a model. Kenia lives with her aunt and two older cousins after her mother died in 2012.
  • Maria

    Young adult orphan due to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Thanks to your donations she now has a sewing machine so she can get some income.
  • Step Up Acadamy in Stone Town, Zanzibar

    Each class (1-7) were given 10 English text books so they can all enjoy reading in school and at home. They were also given necessary school supplies such as writing books, pens and pencils. This was all possible because of your donations.
  • Rugarama community in Rwanda

    10 widows from the genocide were given goats thanks to your donations. The first born kid from each will be given to women without goats so that in the end the whole community will be able to make money from these 10 original goats.

About Keza

Keza Foundation came to life after a trip to East Africa in 2014 where I met survivors of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, orphans in Uganda and school children without school books on Zanzibar. Keza, which means beautiful in Kinyarwanda, is a non-profit foundation aiming to help people in Rwanda, Uganda, Zanzibar and any other African country I should happen to visit in the future. Read the whole story

Keza non-event 2018

This year’s non-event will be arranged by Keza Foundation for the benefit of the penguins at Sanccob and the children at the Door of Hope Orphanage. This is a friends of friends non-party and you are welcome to invite as many friends as you don’t want! This non-event will not take place in Oslo on any given date,  Duran Duran will not be playing live and no bubbly or 3 course dinners will be served. You will, as a guest at this non-party, help Keza Foundation continue to help the African penguins who are on the list of endangered species and the funds will also go towards Door of Hope Orphanage where they need stuff like school uniforms, underwear, books and support toward electricity, transport etc. By contributing you can... View Article

Cause List

We already collected NOK800.00

Here we go again! Wilbur and I will be venturing out on new adventures next... Donate now!

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Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering with people or animals in Africa, in places such as Zanzibar, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe, please send an email and Keza will send you contact details to serious volunteer companies with local knowledge.