About Keza

Keza Foundation came to life after a trip to East Africa in 2014 where I met survivors of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, orphans in Uganda and school children without school books on Zanzibar.

Keza is a non-profit foundation aiming to help people in Rwanda, Uganda, Zanzibar and any other African country I should happen to visit in the future.

There is a great need for sponsors in Rwanda – for children, widows, students and young adult orphans. One of the main purposes of Keza is therefore trying to find sponsors. For those who do not feel they can commit to a sponsorship there are several other ways to help. You can buy a goat, a cow or a sewing machine as well as donating for school books and school equipment or in general to help buy food, clothes, shoes etc. All “profit” will either be used towards different projects by the end of each year or when I travel to Africa myself.

Why the name Keza?

Keza means beautiful in Kinyarwanda, the local language in Rwanda. The name was given to me by Aline, a really lovely girl who braided my hair while I was in Kigali. I thought that would be a perfect name for a non-profit foundation. The logo is a Rwandan peace basket. If you travel to Rwanda you will see them everywhere – in the markets, shops, restaurants and of course on top of women´s heads. It is amazing what these women can carry on their heads. I admire these women a lot! So when I had decided on the name and the logo I felt I had to add “a basket full of beautiful” to make a full circle with name and logo.


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